I immediately made a connection with Elle... she is a warm, spiritual human being.

Donna H, student


Yoga teacher / Highbury Fields Park Yoga / Livestream Yoga / On Demand Yoga


Highbury, N5, London, UK


Hello, my name is Elle and yoga is my life. I have been teaching yoga for over 5 years and have been a dedicated student since the age of 14. Yoga is so much more than a physical workout, despite how it might be portrayed, and is in fact a true experience of self discovery; an ever evolving journey that allows you to explore inner and outer worlds you never knew existed, and ultimately brings you home to your true self. 

This ancient practice is, for me, the best tool for dealing with modern day obstacles. Because of this practice I am stronger in body, mind and spirit and it is with deep gratitude and humility that I am able to share the transformative potential with you.


Elle's classes are creative and fun and her knowledge of yoga is outstanding.

Paul R, student

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What people say.

"Elle is a warm and kind spirit who communicates emotionally, with humility and integrity.  Elle is down to earth and put simply, she encourages a practise which enables you to explore postures, trust your body and does not adopt a ‘one size fits all approach‘, making safer learning environment and joyful practise. She ensures inclusivity for all, whatever for your ability. I find it so calming and is helping me in everyday life- thank you for your support and encouragement. I am grateful for you for creating a sense of community and positivity, which extends far beyond what is brought to the mat."



"Elle’s vinyasa classes mix grounding techniques, intention-setting and a focus on self-affirmation with a lovely fluid physical practice. I always feel better in my mind and body after one of her sessions!"

- Rosie

"Elle has been such an amazing constant in my life, and it has been amazing and so helpful to my body and mind to continue my practice with her online when lockdown began in March. It has really helped me get through the Groundhog Days and stay sane while trying to teach teenagers online and home school my own kids at the same time! Her weekly written offerings have also given me lots to think about and applying her ideas in my everyday routines has made life so much more enjoyable! 


Thank you so much Elle, you are doing such an amazing job for the community!"

- Una

"Elle skilfully balances physical challenge with gentle guidance on staying connected with breath, mind and body."