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Hello, my name is Elle. Yoga is my life. For me, yoga is the most powerful tool for healing, and I want to share that wonderful healing potential with you. All those years ago, when I started studying, I came to yoga purely for the 'exercise' element, as a way to get stronger and fitter - another fitness regime... but the more I studied, the more I trained and developed as a teacher, the more I realised how much deeper the practice could be: I unlocked its potential for healing, for infinite growth; acquiring much, much more than simply 'fitness goals'. Yoga showed me what my body and mind could achieve together. Getting fit and physically better in shape was just a happy by-product!



Elle's classes are creative and fun and her knowledge of yoga is outstanding.

Paul R, student

I immediately made a connection with Elle... she is a warm, spiritual human being.

Donna H, student

Elle has been such an amazing constant in my life, and it has been amazing and so helpful to my body and mind to continue my practice with her

Una R, student