Work with me

The individual classes I did with Elle taught me the fundamentals of yoga, breath work and meditation, and gave me the confidence to join public yoga classes thereafter. Elle is genuine and kind, caring for each individual, and her classes are both holistic and tailored to the individual and their specific needs.

-Debby, student 

Private yoga


Deepen your practice profoundly by working 1-1 with me. Private yoga is an investment you make in yourself, and its one you will be glad you made, and something you'll feel the benefits of long after our sessions are complete. There are details in yoga that just aren't possible to communicate in a public class. When you practise with me 1-1, you have my undivided attention, guidance and extensive expertise including, but not limited to, studies at the forefront of biomechanics and alternative approaches to anatomy, breath work, meditation techniques from Buddhism and Saiva Tantra, trauma informed practice and coaching.

Book one session if you want to work on something specific or just need my attentive eye on your current practice, or, for the deep, transformative work, book in a block of 6 sessions, which can be used over 3 months.

Corporate wellness

Having a program of wellbeing for your company is probably the smartest investment you can make in 2022. All of the classes I teach in various offices report an improvement in both mental and physical health, which of course then translate into an uptick in productivity at the company. What's more, the classes provide an alternative social event for your team and prove to be great for team building. You can book classes one off with me, and those can be held either virtually or in person at your office, please see the pricing options for both. I also have a signature offering 'Corporate Wellness', which gives you two weekly yoga classes, plus supporting material in the form of guided meditations and posture labs for greater comfort when you're working at a desk. I also provide a monthly theme tailored specifically to your employees, which I introduce at the start of the month with a blog piece. I have found this to really help people with focus and maintaining mindfulness even when they are not on their mat.

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