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HOW I teach yoga has changed a little bit over the years, but the primary style I am known for is a strong, creative, alignment-based vinyasa. What do I mean when I say alignment? Alignment of the physical body is important so that we don't harm ourselves; yoga is intended as a practice of longevity, so we don't want to be pushing ourselves into painful places for the sake of a fancy pose, life is already hard enough! Alignment can also manifest in our subtle being, or 'sukshma shahrira', a concept that originates in the Upanishads. This subtle body could be understood as the interplay between, and alignment of mind and body. When you feel the alignment of the two, then the yoga really starts to work, and that is what I strive to show you when I am your teacher. All of my teaching is grounded in the Tantrik lineage of non-dual philosophy that first originated in Kashmir, within the Saíva tradition. I continue to share the valuable wisdom of my teachers Mia Togo, Shiva Rea, Jason Crandell, Hareesh Wallis to the best of my abilities.

WHY I teach has always remained the same, in that I believe with all my heart that yoga has the power to bring you back to who you really are, beyond what your body looks like, the job you do, your bank balance or your social following. I also believe that through yoga we can raise genuinely loving, supportive communities into which all are welcomed, and that is what the world needs that more than ever right now.

Elle is a warm and kind spirit who communicates emotionally, with humility and integrity.  Elle is down to earth and put simply, she encourages a practise which enables you to explore postures, trust your body and does not adopt a ‘one size fits all approach', making safer learning environment and joyful practise. She ensures inclusivity for all, whatever for your ability.


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