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Hi, I'm Elle

Ever since I can remember, I've been a seeker. At first I was probably more of a thrill seeker, and what I sought generally lived outside of me, whereas now I like to seek within for the answers, but I do believe we are all seekers really, and that impulse to search for more alone is a great place to start. I started practising yoga at just 14 years old, almost 17 years ago now, and I began to teach yoga at the age of 24. Throughout those years I went through a lot of life changes; both personal and professional, and I changed what I wanted to do with my life many, many times, but yoga was always my constant.

For a long time I was sure my path in life would be performing; I had trained in musical theatre and had been singing pretty much since the day I learned to talk. I loved the freedom playing different characters gave me, and how doing so allowed me to explore hidden facets of my own personality and shadow. However, whilst I was physically and energetically suited to a life on stage, my ego was not ready for the ecstatic highs and crushing lows; I needed the yoga!


Throughout those years I also battled addiction and an eating disorder, and sustained my fair share of practice-related physical injuries. For a long time I couldn't talk about those things publicly, because I felt that being a yoga teacher with such demons made me something of a fraud. I now know that that is not the case, and that it's the overcoming of those very obstacles that has put me in a position to be able to help others, by sharing what I have learned along the way.




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