I started making candles last year during the first UK lockdown. I love the ritual of lighting a candle before getting stuck into a really good book, taking a bath or doing some restorative yoga. It's the simplest and most affordable way to inject some real luxury and magic into your home life. 

These candles are hand-poured in my kitchen using soy wax and mixed with generous proportions of the finest essential oils. The scent throw and burn time are excellent. 

There are three main scents; Intimacy, a sensual blend of rose geranium, lavender and petitgrain, Hope, a profoundly uplifting and comforting blend of tuberose, mandarin and clary sage and Sacred, a woody blend of amber, spruce, birch and a touch of palo santo.

Stock is very limited at present as I am a one woman show, so if your favourite is out of stock, please check back as I will make every effort to replenish it.

The candles