Workshops & Retreats

If you're after a deeper dive in your yoga practice, and maybe also embarking on a journey of deeper healing and transformation, workshops and retreats are the perfect space to do just that. I have led many workshops and retreats during my years of teaching, and holding space for this deeper, transformative work is something that I am truly passionate about.

What people say...


The day retreat with Elle was pure magic. Not only was it the best experience during, but I also learned so many techniques that I have been able to incorporate into my daily routine and I feel so much calmer and clearer for it.


I felt so well looked after during the workshop. Elle is a skilled facilitator and she is bursting at the seams with knowledge, which she generously and skilfully shares.


I had been practising with Elle for years and she encouraged me to try the workshop, which I was a little daunted by because I thought it was too advanced for me and where I was at, but Elle is such a good teacher that I ended up being able to do things I never thought I would have been able to, and I left with so many tips and tricks so I could keep progresssing.

Coming up...


The first time I chanted mantras I cried, laughed and danced! And each time I practised in this way, I felt old knots around my heart; heart breaks, limiting beliefs, judgements and so on, start to loosen their grip.



Who is this workshop for?


This workshop is for anyone curious about how some of the philosophies of yoga can actually be put in motion. The 'devotional' aspect of this type yoga has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with reconnecting to your true Self.


You don't need to be at any specific level of yoga experience for this workshop, just an openness to learn about deepening your connection this powerful and life-changing practice!



When and where?


The workshop takes place on Saturday, 22nd October 2-4pm at Down to Earth studio in Tufnell Park (just opposite the tube, on the Northern Line)



What do I need to bring?


The studio is fully equipped with mats and props, so you just need to bring yourself and wear something you can move and relax in comfortably.

Intro to Bhakti Yoga

Saturday 22nd October 2-4pm

Down to Earth studio, London


Join me for this extra special one-off workshop exploring the magic of Bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga emphasises a heart-led practice that encourages you to shift your centre of perception from the head down to the heart, which can lead to a reduction in anxiety, stress and depression.


The Bhakti lineage emphasises the heart as the centre of all awareness, which is a real antidote to our usual culture of stress, overthinking and overdoing.


How does it work?


We will begin this 2 hour workshop with some simple humming and chanting of OM, supported by the magical sound of the harmonium. I will briefly tell you a little about the philosophy of Bhakti, and how you might apply it to your everyday life. Then, we will move into a delicious flow practice, focused on the deeper magic of heart-openers (back bends), with attention to individual alignment so that you can really access the magic in your own body. With body opened and mind stilled, we will move into some mantra chanting. Please note that this is not about being a great singer or musical! Instead, the idea is connect to the vibratory quality of sound through your own unique voice and experience the pure joy of joining that sound with the voices of others. You will then be invited to rest deeply in savasana as I sing you into deep relaxation.